Balloons on the way (HOPEFULLY!)

I sent an email out to Cattex on Friday, they forwarded me over to the graphic artist and had me fill out official production order forms; much more orderly than all my other experiences printing.

We are requesting 200 32" round balloons each of 3 different headshot designs: a reprint of Colleen Collie, new Roxanne Reindeer, and a new unnamed lionness. I'm also looking to get these characters fleshed out in a reference art piece, so the color options choose reflect their color pallet.

For example, through discussions with many fans of the balloons, Colleen is now a 9ft 6in Lady Dimitrescu-esque Collie in light pink and blue cotten candy colors with purple highlights, so the balloons we ordered will match those colors.

We are also getting a 4th print of "Fat Redwood", where instead of a Husky, he is a thicc St Bernard. This print is going to be on premium color 24" balloons. I really liked the few premium ones I ordered to sample on the last import order, so I'm excited to see these prints done; they should look really sharp!

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