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Calista Deer is a Good Person

I hate nazis. I hate NATIONAL SOCIALISM as it is inherently anti capitalist and relies on a completely homogeneous culture, which is un-American at it's core.

But I'm not here to bitch about the half dozen 4chan edgelords or angry old men at furry conventions...

I have a lot of righteous indignation right now.

There is a histrionic group of people in this fandom with an obsessive fixation on "nazi" witchhunting, and their definition of a "nazi" is anyone who isn't a terminally online marxist, or so it would seem to be.

To them, the formula is simple.

Hate communism? Nazi.

Run a business? Their non-economics college professor said capitalism is evil and a stepping stone to Nazism.

Abortion, monogamy (hetero or gay!), taxation, free speech, energy policy, gender identity, war, immigration, welfare, etc, etc, etc.

Pick any one topic. JUST ONE. You can have a clean score card in line with far left politics on everything, but god forbid you deviate on ANY SINGLE opinion: Nazi.

And I'm not here to endorse or oppose ANY opinion on those above topics, because I just know one of these psychos is reading this post (PS I hate you more than you hate me) and they are salivating hoping I support something they can pin me on.

This behavior has been a cancer to the furry fandom for a LONG time. I usually just tried to avoid it, I have more important things to do in the offline world. It was a HUGE reason why I shut down this business.

But now it has become personal.

This week, a friend of mine, Calista deer, has been tried and convicted as a nazi by the marxist lynch mob. Their evidence? A telegram chat where he says: "I was banned from the chat because I'm a nazi".

Calista is not a nazi. The screenshot being passed around is also laughably snipped to exclude any sort of context in the discussion occurring, because the comment is SARCASM. Pearl clutching hysterical old GROOMER (OMGURD DOG WHISTLE OMGURD) commie men in this fandom will argue "gasp! You shouldn't even joke about that!" But sadly, this is the state of the fandom outside of their bubble of influence. They have become a joke. Everyone is Hitler, as the old meme claims, and everyone laughs at these clowns saying "Shiiit....I'm angry my sales tax went up, lol guess I'm a nazi now?".

To further add context to this event, Calista was banned from a looner chat because he made a smart ass remark to someone saying "I hate nazis!" where he replied "Wait, aren't you a socialist?" [nazis are indeed national SOCIALISTS], which then prompted the openly Communist [and proud communist] mods to ban him. Fast forward, Calista vents to another chat, where when asked why he was banned, he gives the smart ass remark being screenshot and passed around the internet.

The other mark of sin against Calista was he was following the convention that shall not be named. This is the exact reason why I do not follow people back on my business account. "DID YOU KNOW THIS PERSON IS A NAZI, RAPIST, PEDOPHILE, ETC ETC?" or "WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING THIS CONVENTION!? DON'T YOU KNOW THE CON CHAIR DOES X?" It is the height of absurdity these psychopathic tankie larpers go to to exterminate undesirables in "their fandom". How many innocent people who just followed the wrong person on twitter have been excommunicated? How many small business owners followed this convention account simply because that's what a smart business does, to watch trends? How many got banned just because they want to just keep tabs on a perceived weirdo or enemy? Did the commisars ban their own alt accounts in the purge? Clearly, they must have them if they are keeping play by play tabs on people. The fact this circle of people are even going so far as to dig through ever last facet of a person's social media connections...that should scare sane people. What's going to happen to you when you find out you were following an artist they don't like, and you never got the memo? YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN PERSON X IS A "NAZI" AND YOU SHOULD JUST FOLLOW ME! Suddenly, you're a nazi by proxy...and the sad truth is a lot of people in this fandom see a doctored screenshot and simply say "WOW MUST BE TRUE!" and hit the block button.

Calista has lost several thousand dollars in balloon printing commissions because of these people spreading the word he is a "nazi", a claim which is SLANDEROUS...and surprise suprise, losing money is the one thing the law cares about in a slander case.

I have a short list of people who are the ringleaders of pushing this false narrative of my friend, and I will be pursuing legal action on his behalf, even though the costs would outweigh the monetary gains, his name needs to be cleared, and these assholes MUST BE PUNISHED.

This toxic and insane behavior of a small group of influencers in this fandom enforcing a 100% compliance of EVERY. SINGLE. POLITICAL. OPINION. needs to stop. I am I pissed off, and I am tired of seeing it.

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