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Expanding the Business

We've been "legally" in business for 2 year now! Things are definitely looking up! Last fiscal year, we managed to double our shop revenue and are aiming to double it again. We began carrying Cattex balloons and saw mixed success with their product catalog. The best sellers were unsurprisingly 32inch Long Neck balloons and the massive GL 1200 zeppelins. It is our intention to continue to stock these as long as Cattex is able to continue to supply them. We will also be considering stocking a wider array of colors in their 72inch Climb-In balloons because that are BIG and...that's kinda our thing here! BlooDoodles is still supplying us with wonderful art for prints, and we've found several printing sources who can print her double sided art on 3ft balloons; something that has been eluding us for the better part of a year. We have also commissioned a bunch of work Ruca aka Dropmutt through the suggestion of Redwood Husky, and are super excited to expand our balloon print offerings the rest of the year. Here's hoping year 3 we can finally deal at a convention and scale our production higher to lower prices on new print offerings!

Stay Squeaky,


[Art by ShindenWolf]

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